The Duplex Complex, collage by Zelda Leah Gatuskin

Why dreams?   I awoke to self-awareness through dreams. My first memories are of dreams. Before there was TV, there were dreams. I detected the uniqueness of my personal perception through dreams. I understood dreaming to be universal, and much honored (though not so much when done by day). Then too, the dream is secret, the most secret part of self, hidden much of the time even from self. I want to uncover the secret. Everything converges on the dream: Conscious and subconscious, psychology and physiology, fear and attraction, familiar and strange, clarity and confusion, death and comedy, divine inspiration and base desire. The dream is me, myself and I in conversation, and in costume. The dream defies logic, nature, and all social convention. It is the original chat room across the ether, Grand Central Station for the collective subconscious. When I dream I try to pay close attention to who comes and goes, in this place of subtle borders. Perhaps there are other secrets hidden here besides my own.

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